House Rules

For your information, reproduced here are excerpts from the condo’s house rules, which apply to renters of Mi Refugio:

  • No apartment occupant shall make excessive noise, bother other residents, or engage in activities that interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other residents.
  • Apartments shall be used only for residential purposes.
  • Apartments shall not be used for purposes contrary to law, morals, or public order.
  • Occupants shall not hang clothing, carpets or other articles from balconies, windows or common areas, so as not to mar the building’s æsthetics.
  • Children are not allowed to play in hallways or stairways.
  • Cooking and barbecuing is prohibited in balconies and common areas, unless there is an area designated for such a purpose.

In addition, the following rules apply specifically to this apartment:

  • No pets allowed.
  • No smoking allowed.

I would like to keep the apartment allergen-free.