The Apartment

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Here is some information and tips about the apartment. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the apartment manager, Jennifer López, at +1 787 360-7562 or ​+1 787 823-5503.

Air Conditioners :: Energy & Water Conservation :: Garbage Disposal
Gates :: Home Theater System :: House Rules :: Ice Maker
Rental Policies :: Swimming Pool :: Wi-Fi Internet Access

Air Conditioners

To help conserve energy, please do not program the thermostat below 74° Fahrenheit, and make sure the fan is set to “auto.” Please turn off the AC when a room is not in use.

Energy and Water Conservation

Help save our planet! Whenever you leave the apartment, please turn off all lights, ACs and fans. When showering or washing dishes, please do not let the water run unnecessarily. Electrical power and water are scarce in Puerto Rico, and they cost approximately 3 times as much as on the mainland United States. Waste only increases the scarcity and the price, especially for Puerto Ricans who have a hard time affording utilities. In addition, energy and water waste contributes to our carbon footprint and global warming.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage can be disposed of in the dumpster by the car exit gate.


To enter the complex by car, you need to use the remote control provided by the apartment manager to open the entrance gate, or punch in the code: 3413. To exit, you don’t need to use the remote control — the exit gate opens automatically. The pedestrian gate by the car entrance gate can be opened with one of the keys provided to you by the manager, or by punching in the code: 2413. The glass doors leading to the lobby are controlled by an electronic lock; the code number to open the doors is 1413#.

Home Theater System

IMPORTANT! Please help save our planet — Power off all equipment when not in use, and at the end of your stay, please power off the surge protector.

To Watch Cable TV

  • Remote Controls - Mi Refugio en RincónOn the Cable remote, press the CABLE button.
  • Press the red POWER button to turn on the cable box.
  • If you see snow on the screen, press INPUT on the TV remote (LG), move to Component using the arrow buttons, and then press the OK button in the middle of the arrow buttons. You should see the TV image immediately.
  • To change channels, use the Cable remote +/– CH arrow buttons.
  • To change volume, use the TV remote (not the Cable remote) +/– VOL buttons.
  • See the channel lineup >

To View DVDs

  • If the TV is off, press the POWER button on the TV remote (LG).
  • Press the INPUT button, move to HDMI1 with the arrow buttons, and then press the OK button in the middle of the arrow buttons.
  • The home theater system should turn on automatically. If not, press the POWER button on the Panasonic remote.
  • Press the DVD button on the Panasonic remote to switch to DVD mode.
  • On the theater system apparatus, press the Open/Close button, put DVD on the tray, and press the Open/Close button again.
  • The DVD should start playing automatically. If not, press the PLAY button.
  • To change the volume, press the lower +/– volume buttons on the Panasonic remote.
  • For more details, see the Panasonic Home Theater System Operating Instructions.
  • You can rent DVDs at Showcase Video, 46 Muñoz Rivera, Rincón (+1 787 823-1942), on the main street in town, next to the gas station.

House Rules

For your information, reproduced here are excerpts from the condo’s house rules, which apply to renters of Mi Refugio:

  • You may not make unnecessary noises nor perform acts that would disturb the peace of other co-owners, tenants or occupants.
  • The apartments will be used only for residential purposes, and will not be used for purposes contrary to the law, morals and public order.
  • You may not hang clothing or any other article in the balcony or the windows of the complex, so that building esthetics are not affected.
  • You may not let children play in the hall or the stairs.
  • You may not cook in common areas, except in those common areas provided for this purpose. You may not cook or use BBQ in the balconies.

In addition, the following rules apply specifically to this apartment:

  • No pets allowed.
  • No smoking allowed.

I would like to keep the apartment allergen-free.

Ice Maker

To turn on the ice maker in the freezer, push down the wire lever. To turn it off before you leave, push it up until it latches.

Rental Policies

Complete apartment rental policies are detailed in the Rental Agreement.

Swimming Pool

Guests are welcome to use the swimming pool, but please abide by the Swimming Pool Rules to ensure its long life and a pleasant experience for all. Please do not rinse sand off surf boards and other beach apparatus by dunking them in the swimming pool — sand clogs and damages the pool water pump. You may rinse them with the water hose or using the outdoor showers.

Wi-Fi Internet Access

The apartment has 100 Mbps wireless broadband Internet service provided via a cable modem/Wi-Fi router (white box by the entertainment center in the living room).

  • If not already done by the apartment manager, switch on the surge protector to provide power to the modem/router (as well as to the rest of the entertainment center).
  • The modem/router’s POWER light (green) should turn on.
  • Wait a couple of minutes until the other modem/router light turns on and is a steady green. Once this happens, the network will be up and running.
  • On your Wi-Fi-enabled computer or mobile device, connect to the Wi-Fi network using the following credentials:
    • Wi-Fi Network Name: LIB-6362019
    • Password: sbgctyQWn6kq

If the Internet connection drops, unplug the power cord from the cable modem (the lower cable) to turn off the modem, wait about one minute, and then plug it in again. The connection should reset. If it doesn’t, it means that the Internet service is down. Please be patient—Internet service in Puerto Rico is less reliable than in the mainland.

At the end of your stay, please turn off the surge protector, in order to help conserve energy.